20|30s ministry is focused on relational connection and experiential theology; always intellectually provocative, with room for doubts. We exist to equip young adults to live sacrificially and bless others, just like Jesus did, both in Dallas and throughout the world.

  • Austin Retreat: Design

    August 25–27Hotel Van ZandtAustin, Texas

    Design plays an essential role in our lives. From the way a smart phone feels in our hands to the way we navigate our social media feeds.

    You play a significant role in the way your life, the spaces where you live, where you work, and your third places are all socially designed.

    At the Austin Retreat we are abandoning our everyday experiences and gathering together to discover what it means to design; how we do it, and how we make it last.

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  • Small Groups

    There are various kinds of Young Adult specific small groups (guys only, girls only, married couples, etc) to meet you right where you are. These groups meet weekly around the Irving area, taking summers and the Christmas holidays off.

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  • First Thursdays

    First Thursday of the Month • 7 p.m. • The Commons

    Join us on first Thursdays at 7 p.m. in The Commons for the 20|30s ministry here at IBC.

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